TANTRA FOR WEALTH … comments from Indian people.

Many people have a serious trauma about money, irrespective of whether it is about having money or actually the lack of it. The only people who seem to be content are the ones who have nothing. I was even told by a poor person in India that he has the right to be poor as any attempt to lift him up out of poverty will make him vulnerable to a lurking downfall. Let’s look at what people say about tantra and wealth creation.


Tantra is an awareness technique that does bring wealth but wealth needs to be defined in order for us to give a clear answer. If you are a fearful person and you use tantra to show you that life surges through you in spite of your fear, then that awareness can hand you opportunities to escape your current circumstances, to face and go beyond your fears. Without that debilitating fear one can commit to a clear and simple path to accumulate wealth.


What do everyday people say about tantra and wealth?

Down below you will find numbered lists of comments from several Indian people about many topics around tantra. This is an attempt to demonstrate the common perception of tantra and the use of tantra. Some comments will be made later in the article. The combination of meditation, yoga and tantra, in relation to wealth creation will also be touched upon.

Tantra can get you what you want.

1.    If tantra can get you to become a supreme being then why can’t it get you a job? Those who practice tantra never lose. You first need to mention the type of job desired by you, then you would have to develop a spiritual / material philosophy related to that job and attach it to your daily life so that you contemplate that philosophy effortlessly with every bit of breath.

2.    Tantra has properties and it is always positive. It does not kill or harass anyone. It is ever lasting and is a protracted formula and practice. Therefore some people prefer not to start to chant it.

3.    Small or subtle levels of tantra work daily in our lives. It is as if we are inspired by a surrounding atmosphere or a strong person close to us, where his body language inspires us.

4.    Yes, Tantra does work. Tantra is actually a way to align forces of the universe to make the situation favourable for a particular task. Thus, it is a ritual which differs for different purposes and mantras. Tantra alone can’t do much, it has mantra and yantras also. Mantra we all know are words which we recite mentally or verbally. Yantras are a bit difficult to explain as they are not always the physical objects, sometimes the place itself with the sadhak becomes the yantra.

5.       Bengal is the most famous place for Tantra or Black magic. By Tantra Vidhya, Tantric can even change your life from poverty to richness but the formula and rules are very hard.

Tantra can take away what you have.

1.    By Tantra Vidhya, Aughar or Tantric can even kill or harass any common person or whatever he wishes to do to others. There are so many such examples where a Tantric has done black magic and people were harassed and their property and business were lost totally.

2.    The learning of Tantra needs a Guru. To find a Guru, you will probably be meeting with all cheats, fraudsters and will be disheartened. The school, institutions, Gurus claiming to be teacher of Tantra are fraudsters, because a genuine tantrik never discloses his/her identity. You can not identify a powerful tantrik passing by you. So, do not go for searching tantrik guru and thus to be victimized. It will depend on your destiny whether you will be under a competent tantrik guru or not.

3.    Tantrik rituals are so delicate that any minor deviation may lead to a major disaster for you.

4.    If the customer base is reducing or you feel that somebody has done black magic, do the following ‘totka’: cut five yellow lemons on Sunday and put them into your shop along with a handful of peppers and yellow mustard seeds. The next morning when you open the shop, first go to an isolated place away from the shop and bury all these into a pit. The black magic vanishes immediately after doing this ritual.

Is tantra both good and bad, depending on the practitioner?

1.    Tantra Vidya and mantra Vidya can have both good effects and bad effects. It is astonishing to notice the ignorance of Hindus, especially those who contemplate if tantra is a bad mantra or not. Now coming to using the chants while worshipping (whether positive energy “deities” or negative energies “ghosts”), one should adhere to a good puja, meaning one should not worship with forbidden things.

2.    If done correctly, yes tantra does bring you wealth. Wrongly done, it may harm the one doing it. No one is above the law of karma. Sooner or later it will come back (Gita 18/12) with compounded interest.

3.    As per my knowledge, tantra-mantra works if you follow all rituals mentioned in a particular event by understanding each and every word of rituals. If you do any syntactical, semantical, logical mistakes during rituals, then you need to face side effects of your own mistakes. Tantra is for instant results. It gives you limited result and the result would be temporary. So, I would like all the readers to go for long term results by worshiping lord Vishnu with good intention.

4.    Tantra-mantras are risky. They have some strict rules. You should make your mind to face dangerous situations. I don’t prefer to go for tantra mantra. I request all friends to worship my lord Shri Lakshmi Narayana, who is the creator, maintainer as well as destroyer. If we worship him, no need to worry against others. No need to get control over others. Have trust in the Lord, he would show you right path according to your nature.

5.    First tantra mantra is not always negative, when you focus your mind in meditation using the syllable OHM, you are using a mantra. When you pray, you are using mantra, when you do pooja, you are doing tantra. So, we see whatever we say, chant or memorize is the mantra and whatever rituals we do becomes the Tantra. Now as we can guess we always do something while chanting or doing puja, hence, tantra mantra became two sides of the same coin, as one can’t exist or doesn’t have a meaning without other.

6.    If tantra and mantra can have positive effects on mind and soul, then the doer or the practitioner is not harming anyone and no ill effects on him. It can be for simple pooja, protection, sadhana or siddhi. If it is used for personal enlightenment and spiritual progress then it is good. On the other hand, tantra and mantra also has a negative side. As they yield power and energy, the same could be utilised to harm others.

What is this fear factor of tantra black magic?

1.    In the TV show, the outcome was fixed as none of the participants were true tantrik but fictitious one. No true tantrik will participate in such a show because he can lose his power. Tantra means your subconscious mind is controlled by someone else, by the tantrik’s physical movements. This is achieved by heavy practice and devotion so that the tantrik’s physical and mental power gradually increases as the targeted person’s energy diminishes.

2.    Remote tantra is very difficult. It may take nearly half of your life to reach that stage or some great Guru is required to get you to that knowledge. This kind of Tantra is full of negative energy activation and transmission. The truth is that tantra is widely misunderstood and the majority of people think it’s bad and in Western countries it’s often related to sex. Tantra is a way to reach god and liberate our souls from karmic cycle of life and death.

3.    If you have an image of some bad shady things in your mind, then it’s not your fault but the fault of the television surroundings. It is a science of earth and how it works which help us to get moksha. Never get afraid of these totkes because if the practitioner learns it truly, he will not use it but if he has not received knowledge of it then he will use it but it will not work so never be afraid of such things.

4.    Tantra is a powerful path and has many advocates. However, like many powerful things in life, there are pitfalls we should be aware of. The first danger might be falling in with a bad guru…sadly there are several people who abuse Tantra and use it as a place to manipulate others. So, always gain several recommendations and reviews before choosing a teacher or path.

5.    The main danger of tantra is working with the strong energy. Tantra works with sexual energy, ideally to “sublimate it” (raise it up and refine it to create higher states of consciousness). However, this energy is very strong and can grow everything (it can be used to create a new child, so it magnifies everything!) Most ancient pathways suggest that the practitioner completes purification before working with the sexual energy. This may mean yoga, fasting, detox, purifying the mind with meditation and so on. Once this is stable then the practitioner starts the sexual practices.

6.    In our modern world we want to hurry everything and many people jump into raising sexual energy too soon. They then find they are increasing negative qualities. For example, if you have an anger problem, you may find yourself feeling angrier! Better to resolve the anger first.

7.    Other times people play around with energy without proper guidance and may stimulate “kundalini” without being able to channel it or ground the excess energy. This can make them over-stimulated and therefore unable to sleep or they can even go crazy. This energy is not a toy, nor a party game!

8.    Essentially, Tantra is a spiritual path (not a sexual technique) and is a step by step process to release karma and move towards one’s dharma, or true path. Rarely does this happen overnight! By slowing down and following a trusted protocol is a wise idea to avoid the dangers of practicing Tantra.

9.    There are absolutely no such things as dangers, whether of practicing Tantra or anything else! The Good Lord would not have made a world in which there were such things as dangers. After all, he has infinite intelligence, doesn’t He? God is infinitely benevolent and why would anyone who is infinitely benevolent and has infinite intelligence make a world in which there are dangers for anyone?


Asian tantra getting influenced by Western tantra

1.     Most people do not know, nor do they understand the differences between the traditional 1000-year-old Asian-based tantra and the American-Westernized version of tantra. In the West it is all about marketing schemes, multi-level student programs and cultural miss-appropriation of entitlements.

2.     Some tantra schools in Asia have “converted” to a Westernised business model, with English translators, fancy websites and customized training programs. One should be taught directly by a real Indian Guru descendant of Shri Dhyanyogi.

3.     To become a true tantra practitioner, one should attend a proper tantra school for full instructions, applications and guidance, for the minimum time period required instead of a “drive-through” approach to their first of many certificates.

4.     Not many people put is an effort to obtain the basic knowledge of the difference between Hindu Tantra and the Tibetan form. In the West this isn’t important but in Asia it is imperative.

5.     One should invest in having a master/teacher of Asian tantra and dedicate several years in learning and experiencing the pros and cons of tantra. It should not be learned by mind as it is taught in the West.

6.     Most Westerners do not understand that the practice of tantra as it requires dedication and not only curiosity.

7.     In the West you are not required to learn some of the tantra spiritual language, nor do Westerners comprehend that it takes some self-sacrifice to become a tantra practitioner.

To follow a tantra guru or not?

1.     A guru is not a teacher, isn’t someone who gives you a step by step manual about a ritual and isn’t someone whom you may replace with a book or YouTube channel. A guru is the key to tantra as he is the component for that fire that kindles the energy of tantra. First the guru gives you an initiation, that initiation is not a placebo, rather its the first step without which tantra will not come to fruition. One cannot do a yajna without kindling the fire first, similarly, the fire of tantra is the siddhi of the guru in which you put the homa of your penance. Without a guru tantra is immaterial.

2.     Please don’t follow tantra without a proper guru. It is like giving a machine gun to a monkey and it will harm itself and others around it.

3.     Proper guru doesn’t mean someone who is a jetsetter, cult creator who runs business empires with spiritual courses as a money spinner.

4.     An experienced guru should teach us the step by step methods to manipulate this energy and must know what to do if you made any mistake. He should protect you from all the problems as the basic requirement for any tantric practice comes through a good and experienced guru.

5.     If you don’t have initiation from real guru then the tantra will become very harmful and dangerous.

6.     There is no need to have a guru, if you concentrate on anything in nature for a long time, being in a place where you will not be observed by anyone, then the secret will be revealed to you and you will be provided a subsequent path to next step, by nature itself. For this you need to have lots of patience for months then you will see the magic.

The transcendental power of tantra in sex.

1.    Tantra is not teaching sexuality. It is simply saying that sex can be a source of bliss. And once you know that bliss, you can go further because now you are grounded in reality. One is not to remain with sex forever but you can use sex as a starting point. Once you have experienced the ecstasy of sex, you can understand what mystics have been talking about, as they talked about a greater orgasm, a cosmic orgasm.

2.    You transcend time completely as time ceases for you as you are not paying any importance to it. There is no emphasis on past or future as this very moment, the here and now, this is where your whole existence is concentrated. This moment becomes a real moment. Through meditation you can make this moment the only real moment without sex and then there is no need of sex.

3.    When you focus is on yourself or your partner then you will always have something against sex, because in sex you have to lose your ego. You and your beloved are both lost into something else, you are both committed to the instinct that runs through you. It dictates the next move and it is not decided by yourself. A new reality evolves, a new unit comes into existence when two people commit to human life instinct. If without sex you can come to a moment when you are not the ego, then there is no need of sex.

4.    In sex you have the opportunity to become natural for the first time. The mind-based reality of the society, the culture and the civilization gets lost. You become a part of nature; a part of trees, of animals, of stars and of living nature. These are the things that give you the ecstasy. Sex is just a situation in which it happens naturally. Once you know and once you can feel these elements, you can create these elements independently of sex.

5.       Tantra is not for sex, tantra is to transcend, to be more, to feel more and to share more. One can only transcend through experience, a truly existential experience and not through ideology.


What is tantra in the eyes of everyday Indian people?

1.    In 1950, Samael Aun Weor was the first person to publicly reveal what is symbolized by the two trees of Eden: the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and the Tree of Knowledge (pure sexuality, also called Tantra or Alchemy).

2.    In the world everything is run by energy and it is connected to each other. Tantra uses systematic methods to manipulate this energy to the benefits of practitioner. That means the practitioners are changing the natural frequency without disturbing the harmony of the universe. All is connected and any false move will affect the entire universe.

3.    Tantra is a ritual to do something, a step by step guide to do something. If that something is a general aspect of life like yoga or meditation, you may do such tantra. Tantra opens up pathways to worlds that are not perceivable with your five senses, it is only inhabited by powerful beings. Disturbing them or inviting them to your world without knowing if they can help you or harm you, that is a big risk for you and the people you live with.

4.    Tantra says; take life naturally and do not be unreal. Sex is there as a deep possibility, a great potentiality and what is wrong in being happy in it? Tantra says be real, be authentic to yourself. Your happiness is not bad, it is good and is not a sin! Only sadness is sin, only to be miserable is sin. To be happy is virtue because a happy person will not create unhappiness for others. Only a happy person can be a ground for others’ happiness.

5.   Tantra first teaches how to move in sex, how to know it, how to feel it, how to come to the deepest possibility hidden in it, to the climax, how to find the essential beauty, the essential happiness and bliss that is hidden there.

CONCLUSION: Tantra and the altered state of being

I will now start with commenting on some of the aspects raised by the people in the preceding paragraphs.

Tantra is a technique that builds on yoga and yoga is built on meditation. So, tantra isn’t a loose standing entity and can’t be practiced without yoga and meditation. It is disheartening to see how people struggle with awareness, especially when they put the cart in front of the horse by starting with tantra and not with meditation. Meditation deals with sexuality and not tantra. Tantra deals with the sharing of the self, once it is free from the mind and liberated within your own body.

Meditation, yoga and tantra are techniques for clearer awareness about what “IS” in people and not what “SHOULD” be. Tantra has no application on gaining wealth or losing wealth. It is also understood that aware people are in a better position to reflect on their lives and make better decisions than without that clarity. To be authentic is the gold and not the efforts to turn gold into something authentic.

There is a mind-based reality and a non-mind-based reality to life. When one operates from the mind, when it is treated as the only reference to reality then a tantra teacher or guru is imperative. Awareness is non-mind-based reality. It is saying “whoa” to what one finds in oneself and not “why” is this or that happening in my life.

Tantra belongs to the essence of what constitutes us being human. Tantra as an awareness technique was extracted from the everyday encounters with the instinctual reality of procreation. Therefore, it has many kinds of applications in many parts of the world. All people, worldwide struggle to grasp the fact that they have an instinctual drive towards procreation, towards taking care and towards in- and out-groups. Meditation, yoga and tantra are awareness techniques that remind us that life rushes through us and we can never get rid of it, we can only embrace it and be fully alive.

Black magic is real to people who live a mind-based reality. There is no possibility that anyone will ever change their minds. The only escape it to tap into the awareness of being alive. To tap into the eternal lust for life and reproduction, to embrace all that we do not understand instead of elevating consciousness as the emperor of our existence. Understanding on a conscious level is restricted living. Awareness about what is permanently flowing through humans constitutes abundance.

What does your mind say to you about life and how does it differ from what your live daily? Write to Martin and share your thoughts as they are valuable to yourself and to everyone else.

-Martin du Toit