Picking Online Tantra Massage Course can be tricky.Learning is a life-long journey, especially nowadays with all the employment insecurity around us. Human beings are hard wired to teach each other and to learn from each other. This TEACH / LEARN exchange does require trust and courage as there are so many opportunities to learn from so many people. But we have to know from whom we want to learn.

The latest technologies, a shift in customer needs as well as new ways of thinking about life, do make available new and surprising teaching / learning experiences. It even seems that more and more people will work from home and children will learn from home. Something that was almost unimaginable not too long ago.

Online training courses, to stay relevant to ever changing environments and demands for new skills and new behaviours, need to be anchored in a process of continuous improvement and evaluation. This can only happen with feedback from the end users and the willingness of content creators to better their products.

Online courses must be created with the view that each design should be more effective and relevant than the one before. This takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes it can be difficult for content creators and course creators to know where to invest these limited resources for improvement.

The tantra industry is heavily populated with products that are of low quality when it comes to learning but good quality when it comes to short duration entertainment, almost competing with the pornography industry. There must be some way to measure the online tantra massage training courses so that the client / student can get excellent value for money.

To be able to distinguish between entertainment value and educational / learning value one has to look deeper than what is presented on the surface. A possible way it can be done is to ask what tantra is, what is an online tantra course, how is it different from online tantra yoga teacher training, or even how is it different from online tantra meditation teacher training.

Many websites and platforms talk about the best online tantra course, or the best online tantra massage course, or the best online tantra workshops or even the best tantra yoga online course. Some even offer online tantra courses for free. Products like that are surely aiming to entertain and not to educate. To educate has an intrinsic value and isn’t available for free as learning is highly valued.

How to learn tantra at home is a question that many people have to answer for themselves. Homes now become a semi-workspace as well as a semi-learnspace and one needs to really re-orientate oneself to be able to bring tantra intimacy learning into that new environment. The developers of the well-known Meyotra online tantric massage training course did take all that into account during the design of their course.

With the distance learning market in full expansion, the number of professionals interested in creating online courses increases every day. With the advancement of technology, new forms of work have been emerging and many people are looking for options that generate greater autonomy and satisfaction.

Currently it is difficult to find someone who does not have a computer with internet access at home and with only this, anyone can learn what they want to learn in a simple and interesting way, be it by means of video, audio or text. People of all ages and all walks of life, even people who work in the most diverse and interesting industries seek knowledge. Some people want to learn something new while others want to increase their specialisation.

The tantra industry is also part of this new development craze and lots of tantra courses see the light every day. As in all industries there are some good and some mediocre examples of online courses. We are happy to say that there are also some excellent courses available that are just way above the rest. We suggest you look at the Meyotra online tantric massage training course that was released in 2020.


Determine the quality of the tantra course for learning

The evaluation of an online tantric massage training course is about measuring the quality of the course in terms of your needs. You have to ask yourself about the experience that you as a course participant or client want from buying the online tantric massage training course.

First and foremost, you have to know the difference between educational value and entertainment value. If you want to change anything in your performance regarding sexuality or regarding your intimacy behaviour, then you should avoid any course that is high on entertainment and low on learning.

Tantra isn’t something that one can just absorb in the passing by, it has to be studied and learned in a way that enables you to experience it with your whole being rather than learning facts from text on a paper or from images on a screen. You also owe it to your clients to offer them the best tantric massage session available on this earth.

A good way to find the best online tantric massage course is to find and measure the key learning outcomes of the course against your own goals. Ask yourself if the courses you are looking at will lead to the improvement of your knowledge, skills and behaviour within the tantra industry.

The real question you have to ask in order to find the best online tantra massage training course, is if the course will be doing what it’s supposed to do for you on a holistic level.

The right time to study an online tantric massage course

If you want to do something with your life because you have decided it for yourself, then the right time is always “now”. Many people listen to the advice or opinions of others to make decisions. In tantra you will be looking into the mirror all the time, you will be receiving opportunities to face yourself on all levels of your being.

The right time to learn online tantric massage is now if you want to learn something profound that will be in demand all the time. You will learn about yourself and you will develop yourself but you should also be fully equipped to render an amazing service to others.

The bigger the variety in skillsets you have, the better you will be positioned to enter the wellness industry and make a success of it. Do it for yourself and do it now. Render an amazing product and be rewarded well for doing an excellent job.

The right way to study an online tantric massage course

The right way to study an online tantric massage training course is to do self-report surveys and be able to measure your experience of the course. When learners have a good understanding of their involvement in the learning process then it is quite easy to self-evaluate and self-report. To set oneself clear goals, to measure the goals being reached or not, that is surely the right way to go about your course.

Not only is self-evaluation important but one also requires outside-evaluation, like requirements for course completion and assessment of student performance. This will provide information on the actual, rather than the perceived progress being made.

The most important aspect, an aspect that is missing from most online tantric massage training courses, is practical observations from the teachers to measure real changes in behaviour and performance of learners in their roles, both before and after participating in the online training course.

The right things to study an online tantric massage course

Knowing how to measure course quality isn’t enough unless you understand what you’re measuring. Measuring is firstly about your goals and secondly about the content of the online tantric massage training course.

The content should include several aspects that will allow you to reach your holistic goal. Most online courses are only about learning steps to practice but often neglect to encourage learners to grow in themselves, to take themselves into the job market and then to stay there satisfied and secure for as long as they want.

Online tantric massage training courses should be clear if the focus is on working with erotic partners or rendering a professional service with paid clients. The cross-over from the one to the other is not that easy, especially from an erotic partner interaction to a professional client interaction.

If the course hands you information and knowledge about the philosophical framework of the profession and industry, then you will be able to make a quick assessment where the course leads to. If that isn’t available then we suggest you let it go as you run a good chance of being disappointed and even wasting your money.

Many courses do not allow learners to ask questions, to have live interaction with the teachers or to be evaluated in action. Without these aspects you will not be able to move forward and to reach your goals.

Consider these aspects in your online course evaluation

1. Generic presentation because sex sells

The first and most important aspect to evaluate is generic and industry copied appearances. Evaluate if the design of the course is visually appealing (non-generic), clearly branded (own and unique content) and customised to a specific audience instead of trying to reach everyone.

The aesthetic aspects of the course can be a trick as it uses psychological game playing on you, especially when it is about sexuality and intimacy. There is a complete lack of authenticity in the online tantric massage industry. The same can be said for the online yoga and online meditation industries. Professionalism is quite low and very few service providers take any responsibility for what they present and how it will impact the student.

2. Instructional course design to entertain or to educate

Most courses try to be visually appealing but that lends itself to go more towards entertainment than education. A well-designed online training course wants learners to navigate the learning path in the most effective way so that learners can reach their goals in the shortest time possible. Increasing levels of difficulty are necessary for learners to stay engaged and to learn optimally.

Clearly defined and well-structured learning paths are something that course creators struggle with as they usually have little experience or training within the education field. Most novices try to remove all restrictions on how learners complete the course and therefore present a flat learning experience.  

When you want to get the best online tantric massage training course then you really need to evaluate the experience and skills of the creators within the educational field. Having a vast amount of knowledge without knowing how to structure it in a presentation is often a recipe for disaster. Students should make sure that the instructional design of their course is educationally sound.

3. Latest or appropriate learning materials

Modern eLearning courses can be complex and need to cater for diverse audiences. Learning materials like video, notes and quizzes appeal to a variety of content types and recognizes that people learn in different ways. To learn tantric massage is almost impossible to learn by text or video only.

The inside of the yoni is too complicated to be summarised in words, it’s obscure from the view of a camera. Tantric massage is learned through the experience of the application of meditation, yoga and tantra techniques, shared between practitioner and client.

It’s also important to match the best-suited learning materials to each type of learning outcome as pure knowledge recall can be achieved with notes but deeper understanding and application of skills are better achieved with live demonstrations, live practice and live feedback.

With the constant bombardment of online communication from all electronic media to an ever sedentary and receiving audience, people find it overwhelming and engagement has also become a primary concern for instructional designers. Unfortunately, course materials are evaluated whether it is sufficiently interactive to keep learners engaged throughout the course, bordering on entertainment instead of learning.

4. The assessments process drives oxytocin

The release of oxytocin is associated with the sense of accomplishment, of being moved somewhere that was desired but most course designers do not know that 50% fulfilment of an expectation releases much more oxytocin than 25% or 75% fulfilment of expectation. This is also true about the structuring of the learning process and quizzes.

Assessments can be a key measure of whether or not an eLearning course is navigated successfully. Assessments are often an intimidating experience for both learners and instructors. Learners worry that they won’t do well and fail. Instructors, on the other hand, worry that the assessments aren’t a good enough indication of the learning that has taken place.

Assessments should be set at the suitable difficulty level, should be user-friendly, and should provide advantageous feedback for learners without reducing the grading process to being obsolete.

5. International cultural fit of an online tantric massage course

Courses need to be relevant to its target audience. Unfortunately, most course designers have exposure to only one city, one country or one continent. When a course carries too many “locations specific” material then it alienates learners from outside that area. Anything that is too foreign to our experience is either rejected or it does need time to be assimilated.

Tantra is a word that is either unknown or misinterpreted by most people. To tell people that they can learn tantra online demands far more courage than learning meditation or yoga online. The graphic nature of tantra online courses asks for the use of props instead of yonis and lingams.

An online course, tailored for cultural fit, means using a clear and concise language, striving for sexual openness compatibility as well as accommodating the cultural preferences of the clients that will be served by the practitioners. Most Arab clients do not appreciate the reference to any religious icons or rituals. The same is true for Westerners and the religions of the Middle-East and Asia.

Finding creative ways to make the design and content of a tantric massage online course more culturally accessible, relatable and appealing to the target audience is a key consideration of the eLearning evaluation process.


Information about the MEYOTRA online tantric massage course

·       What is the theme of the Meyotra online tantric massage course?

To hand our students real opportunities to learn a professional tantric massage method that has been tried and tested worldwide for almost 20 years and that delight clients all that time.

·       Who is the Meyotra target audience?

Men and women, young and old, worldwide but with one serious caveat: people who want to heal themselves and the clients they will work with.

·       Who is the Meyotra teacher / instructor?  

Martin is the teacher responsible for the online tantric massage training course, he holds several degrees in Anthropology, he learned tantra in India over a 5-year period, he taught on schools / colleges / university levels for 25 years, he taught tantra workshops worldwide for almost 20 years and loves to interact with students.

·       What is the course goal?

Students will learn what meditation, yoga and tantra are. They will learn the philosophy, techniques and practices of tantra as it pertains to the tantric massage industry. Students will be guided step by step in performing an exceptional professional tantric massage.

·       How long is the course?

The Meyotra online tantra massage course contains more than 7 hours of video footage, accompanied by text and manuals. The course duration is a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 6 months.

·       What is the value of the course?

The price of the course is in line with exceptional eLearning courses available in the open market. A student can expect to recuperate their expense with one paid tantric massage session from a professional paid client.

How the Meyotra online tantric massage course works

·       How the information will be made available to the student?

Videos, text documents, live classes, sharing in groups.

·       How will the information be organized?

Modules with lessons and questions.

·       Can the student take more than one module at a time?

The Meyotra online tantric massage course isn’t structured in a step-by-step approach, therefore the student can take more than one module at a time, can choose which one to begin with and at which pace to progress.

·       Do course materials receive updates?

All teaching materials will be delivered at the beginning of the online course and updates of new materials will be in accordance with and as a reflection on the questions of students.

·       How will students interact with the teacher / instructor?

Teachers will make themselves available for interaction, such as chats, forums, social networks, e-mail, video conferencing, telephone, wherever possible.

·       How often will interaction be made between the students and the teacher / instructor?

There are specific times when the instructor will be available for live chats with the students and usually there are also other means by which the students can contact the teacher.

·       What are the prerequisites for the course?

The only prerequisite for a student to be able to take the online course is a keen interest in healing themselves and the clients they will work with.

·       What are the evaluation methods?

Written tests, online live video evaluation, quizzes, reports, etc.

·       Will there be a certificate on successful completion?

A certificate will be issued against what we were able to evaluate the students on. Should a live demonstration be performed then that will be specified. If not then it will state that the course was completed on a video and text instruction basis only.

Duration and development of the Meyotra online course

·       How much daily / weekly study time is required for students to complete the course phases?

It is up to the students to allocate the time to study the online course. Our experience tells us that it takes many repetitions before students are able to perform the massage strokes by heart.

·       How much time should the student take to complete each module of the course?

The Meyotra online tantric massage training course is not divided into stages as all is made available once we have received payment.

·       When will each module be available?

Students will have access to all at once.

·       How flexible is the Meyotra course?

It will be available 24 hours a day during every day of the week.

·       Will the course be available to the student indefinitely?

The course will be available for 6 months.

Online Meyotra tantric massage course price

·       What is the total value of the online course?

The total price depends on whether the students will only do the online course, whether they will make use of live tutoring and examination and whether they will attend a real live, face to face, workshop or not.

·       What is the value of each module? Is it possible to buy separately?

The course is not available in separate modules.

·       What is the cost of the support material?

Supporting materials are usually made available free of charge.

·       Is there an admission fee?

No admission fee as for now.

·       Is there a discount for those who purchase more than one course?

We have more than one online course produced and discounts are available.

·       Is there a discount for someone who tells someone else to take the course and this person makes the purchase?

Loyalty marketing will be rewarded.

Technical requirements

·       What kind of resources or tools will be needed to learn the course?

Dedication, commitment and clarity.

·       What types of equipment will the student need to use?

A laptop with internet and for those who choose a device with a camera, a microphone, headphones. No specific software needs to be installed.

·      How will each student enrol and register?

Go to, enrol under SIGN IN, then choose the course from the course tab.

·       Will there be any tutorial that will explain to the student how the course will work and how will it have access to teaching material?

Yes, some open lessons and introductions are available.

·       Who is technically responsible for the course environment?

Meyotra will be responsible.

·       How will the student be charged? What means of payment are available?

Payment is by bank transfer.

Evaluation of the Meyotra online course

·       Are comments valued in this Meyotra tantric massage online course?

We value constructive opinions from anyone and comments are always welcome as we aim to craft the best material possible.

·       How do we ensure that the course meets the needs of the students?

The online course is designed to offer the best learning opportunity and learning solutions to the student. The Meyotra course is effective and attractive in its structure and presentation.

·       How does this course differ from face-to-face and online courses on the same subject?

Learning tantric massage from home has never been this easy. The Meyotra online meditation, yoga and tantra courses stand out amid the competition with its professional presentation and value within the marketplace.

How you pick Online Tantric Massage Course and how this article helped you with the process, let us know in the comment section.

-Martin du Toit


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