Professional Online Tantric Massage Training Course with Certificate.

1-22. TIPS for back massage 2: Opening of the arms.


This procedure can be used often during this massage, if and when required.
It can be used for moving the arms of the client from the head side of the client to be placed next to the body of the client.
It can also be used for moving the arms of the client from to the head side of the client instead of having them next to the body of the client.

Make sure the client and the practitioner are breathing in the tantric manner.
Breathe in through an open mouth, stomach goes bigger.
Breathe out through an open mouth, stomach goes smaller.
Make a sound on the outbreath.

Give yourself enough space so that the stretched-out arm of the client won’t touch you or the floor.

Assuming you want to move the hand from the head side of the client and to be placed next to the buttocks of the client.
When you want to work with the left arm of your client, then make sure you are seated on that same side.
You are facing the arm of the client at a 90 degree angle.
Place your left hand on top of the wrist of your client.
Place your right hand underneath the elbow of your client.
Make slow but firm movements.

Pick up the wrist and the elbow.
Slowly straighten the arm and then slowly move the hand in a half circle to be placed next to the body of the client.
Make sure that you do not push the hand of the client into your own body or the floor.
Before you start, visualise the movement and make sure you have enough space.
Make sure you turn the palm of the hand of the client upwards.

Put the client’s arm down next to their body.
Slowly remove your hands.

DURATION WITH CLIENT: 1 Minute per arm.

It is not always necessary to move both arms at the same time.
If you need only one arm, then move only that arm.
For the long stroke over the body you will have to move both arms.

Only when needed.

Name: Move the arm of the client
Multi-step video: Single
Duration: 1 Minute
Repetitions: Only when needed
Change sides of client: As needed
Essence: To be able to work effectively
Perceived value by client: Low
Prerequisite: Must have a need to move the arm to perform your task
Difficulty for practitioner: High
Difficulty for client: High
Nudity practitioner: Yes
Nudity client: Yes
Position practitioner: Seated next to body of client
Position client: Face down or face up
Tantric breath: Yes
Orgasmic breath: No
Synchronised breath: Advisable
Alternating breath: Not required
Oil on practitioner: No
Oil on client: No
Only soft slow: Not relevant
Only hard fast: Not relevant
Alternating soft slow hard fast: Not relevant
Move legs: No
Move arms: Practice round
Practitioner gender: Any
Client gender: Any
Distribute energy: No
Ejaculation danger: Low
Dizziness danger: Low
Pain danger: High
Sleep danger: Low
Client participation: Discourage client from helping
Instructions to client: Discourage client from helping
Demonstration to client: No
Asking client about self: No
Verbal coaching: Discourage client from helping

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