Professional Online Tantric Massage Training Course with Certificate.

1-4. Tantric Massage DISCUSSION 1: Typical profile of a practitioner and a client.

Tantric massage.
Tantric massage client profile.

Let’s talk a bit about you your clients, the kind of profile a typical client has.
We will also talk about the kind of profile a typical professional massage therapist; masseuse / masseur has.

What the client and practitioner has in common is; there is a pain and there is a wish.
There’s a pain to deal with something, there is a pain to get out of something and there is a pain to get into
There’s a wish to reach something new, to be something new and to share.

Now, if you do not have the pain, if you do not experience the pain of being, of being who you are and if you do not
experience the wish to be fully, to be fully who you really are, then you will have some issues to actually grasp why a client is coming to you.

Clients have pain, not a physical pain, it’s far worse, they have a pain of being.
Remember that movie a long time ago: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, well, there is something unbearable about being yourself. An animal doesn’t have it. We have it. Why do we have it? Another time!

There is a pain, there’s a pain to be, there’s a pain to reach the place that I can reach with whom I am.
Clients have exactly the same thing.
This pain and this wish are always in relation to “to be”, how to be, when to be, when not to be.
This whole “to be” concept, this is the essence that gave rise to Meditation, Yoga and Tantra.

In the work we do, we will come back to this “to be” very often.
“To be”, I have mentioned this several times but that pain to be YOU, the wish to be YOU, that is the essence of our
work. This “to be” is what Meditation, Yoga and Tantra techniques are all about.

When we ask people what is the reason why you come to us, what is it that you want from a session with us.
I can just tell you that on average people spend eighteen months talking to us before they come to us.
We want to make sure that they come for one specific reason, that they have a pain, that they have a wish “to be”. To be themselves, to be happy because they were or are able to express themselves in this life.

This happiness can be reached through techniques. These techniques we will share with you and these techniques always have to do with self and with others.
The work we do is not therapy. The client cannot say to us: listen, I have a problem here and you fix it here.
Clients can come to us and say I have a pain, I have a wish, they come with open hands and not indicating, showing towards a specific part of the body or being, that we have to deal with.

We are not therapists, we’re practitioners of awareness techniques … Meditation, Yoga and Tantra.
This is what we are.
We are also not practitioners telling them what to do.
This roller coaster cart at the fairs, this ride that you take in this wild boat or this car or in this amazing scary things … we don’t tell people go and we cheer them from the side.
No, we get into this scary monster cart with them and we process our own experiences and we are there for them as

There is pain, there’s a wish “to be”.
To be who you are, who you really are and it has to do with yourself and your relationship to others.

Once you bring all this together, then you know that you’re expressing yourself clearly in this life.
That brings you happiness. This is the work we do.

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