Professional Online Tantric Massage Training Course with Certificate.

1-3. INTRODUCTION: Are you ready to embrace your natural sexuality?

Hi, I’m Martin from Meyotra International School of Tantra.
This video is just to give you some idea what this course is about.

Women try to understand men, men try to understand women.
The essence is not to understand the other one, it is not about relating to the other one, its first and foremost to relate to your own beautiful natural human instinct.
The first relationship you should enter is between you and your nature, your instinct.
You should make some sense, some rational mental sense of your own instinct.

The general society idea is; if you do this then you will understand a woman or if you do this you will understand a man.
Forget it … this is not what this course is about.
This course is about handing you opportunities, handing you skills, handing your information, handing you experience so that you can, in your personal life, dance with somebody until the two of you get it right.

It is not about pleasing them. It’s not about pleasing yourself.
It’s about the two of you pleasing the beautiful natural human instinct, the procreation instinct that lives in you and through you.

This course, this professional course will hand you these opportunities and we are with you all the way to make sure that you succeed.
We look forward to dealing with you.

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