Professional Online Tantric Massage Training Course with Certificate.

1-13. BEGINNING of Massage 3: Removing the pareo / lungi.


Both practitioner and client are standing upright.
Both are breathing … we suggest synchronised breathing if possible.

The practitioner starts to gently remove the lungi or pareo from the client by standing behind the client.
MAKE SURE to undo any knots that might be in place before you do anything else.
Practitioner might have to struggle to undo the knots.
Often the client might help to undo the knots.
Suspend this lungi or pareo between the practitioner and client.
Make sure it hangs in the length of the client.
The practitioner asks the client to lie down, face down.
The practitioner follows the client with the pareo which is held onto the body of the client.

Slowly arrange the pareo so that it is completely covering the body of the client.
Do this very slowly and meditavely.
The practitioner will remove own pareo or lungi and sit on own pareo or lungi.
For the duration of the session both the practitioner and client will be naked.

In our videos there are scenes where the practitioner and client wear their pareos / lungis.
This is only done for demonstration purposes and we suggest that both are naked.

The practitioner will sit between the legs, behind the feet of the client.
The client and practitioner will keep breathing in the prescribed tantric manner.
The practitioner will, VERY VERY SLOWLY, pull / draw the pareo towards himself / herself, away from the head of the client.
This is demonstrated in the next video.

Do not faff when placing the pareo on the back of the client.
Neither when sitting at the feet of the client.
No need to touch the feet of the client.

Name: Removing of clothing
Multi-step video: Single
Duration: 4 Minutes
Repetitions: Once only
Change sides of client: No
Essence: Disrobing client from whatever holds them back in life
Perceived value by client: Medium
Prerequisite: Willingness to be nude
Difficulty for practitioner: Medium
Difficulty for client: Low
Nudity practitioner: Yes
Nudity client: Yes
Position practitioner: Standing
Position client: Standing
Tantric breath: Yes
Orgasmic breath: No
Synchronised breath: If possible
Alternating breath: If possible
Oil on practitioner: No
Oil on client: No
Only soft slow: Yes
Only hard fast: No
Alternating soft slow hard fast: No
Move legs: No
Move arms: No
Practitioner gender: Any
Client gender: Any
Distribute energy: No
Ejaculation danger: Low
Dizziness danger: Medium
Pain danger: Low
Sleep danger: Low
Client participation: Yes
Instructions to client: Yes
Demonstration to client: No
Asking client about self: No
Verbal coaching: No

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