Professional Online Tantric Massage Training Course with Certificate.

1-10. FOUNDATION session 1: Tantric breath and Orgasmic breath.

Meyotra Tantric breath and Orgasmic breath exercises.


WE ALWAYS START WITH BREATHING … we do not carry on unless a client can breathe!

Meyotra meditation uses breathing as the chosen method of practice.
We’re going to practice the tantric breath and orgasmic breath.
We’re going to breathe in and out through our mouth using our diaphragm.
We put one finger between our teeth to measure how open we keep our
mouth while we’re breathing.
Breathing in, the stomach goes bigger and we exhale with a sound.
Breathing out the stomach goes smaller.
Breathe out with a sound.
Breathing in the stomach goes bigger and without the sound.
Carry on. Very good, two more times.
Breathe a little bit deeper and faster than what a person would normally breathe.

Now we’re going to do the orgasmic breath.
Bend the knees and as we inhale stomach goes bigger.
We exhale and the hips go up.
Inhale stomach goes bigger.
Exhale hips go up.
Good carry on!
As you can see it’s a natural hip swing that happens on the exhale.
Very good!

Let the client practice tantric breath for at least 10 minutes and then orgasmic breath for at least 10 minutes.
This breathing is the cornerstone of the whole session.
Do NOT skimp over it …. DO IT WELL!

If your client stays in his / her mind then you are wasting your time.
Get them to observe their minds through breathing.

This is the time where you battle with their minds.
You have to win them over to breath work or else your session is doomed.

Do this exercise for yourself.
Do it for at least an hour.
Do it for at least 10 times before you work with a client.
It should become very natural to you.
This is meditation at its best.

Write to us about how you get on with this very important exercise.
We even invite you to set up a video online breathing session with us.
This is the golden key to your beautiful work.

DURATION WITH CLIENT: Minimum 20 minutes, preferably 30 minutes.

PRINT THE MANUAL: Follow the script / manual for the sequence of the different steps as well as an explanation in other words.
The manual is the last lesson of this course.
Feel free to contact us if you have a clear question about our work.


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