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Q: “I enjoy being sexually active and broadening this pleasure within my marriage … yet struggle with ‘being ecstatic as I’m in menopause”. 


We have instinct and we have mind …. still we are more than each of them, separately or together.
Instinct is ecstatic in nature and so is the mind.
When these two look at each other then both disappear in a puff.
When they are doing their own thing, side by side, then we have magic.
When you say “broaden this pleasure within your marriage” …. then puff happens.
You let one aspect of our being guide the other.
I’m not saying you should have sex with others, I’m saying that your body should “feel” as if it is having sex with others.
I’m not saying you should let go of all mindsets, I say that you should also have a mindset that allows you to “feel” that you have sex with others.
The real issue for you is to reenact your ovulation cycle as you are in menopause.
You pick full moon as ovulation, new moon as menstruation.
You dance a daring interaction with men before ovulation and you demand caring after ovulation.
I have many women on this programme and they all reap good rewards.
As strong sense of power comes from being dominated by the beautiful natural instinct in you.
Power also comes from demanding that men around you dance to the tunes of the instinct washing through you.By practicing meditation, yoga and tantra you will have the opportunity to see, feel and share all that is in you.

-Martin du Toit

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