In this article I will comment on what is thrown at people in the West under the name of tantra and yoga. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride, as weird and wonderful craziness is concocted by teachers who have no idea about what tantra is.


Tantra yoga brings so many health benefits to you.

It enhances your general state of wellbeing.

It elevates your energy levels.


Tantra yoga help with conditions such as:

·       Body stiffness

·       Stress

·       Partnering

·       Anxiety

·       Depression

·       Multiple sclerosis

·       General fatigue

·       Back problems


Tantra yoga teachings have as focus on the connective tissues in the body, such as fascia, ligaments and tendons.

Tantra yoga is a practice which incorporates rhythmic dance motion, martial art movements, acupressure points, palming and thumbing along energy lines, assisted yoga stretching and breath work.

With yoga practice one can create a powerful release of stress and anxiety which increases the vitality and sense of well-being.


In this quoted article, someone tried to list the benefits of tantra by starting off with a combination of tantra and yoga. It seems that tantra is unable to stand on its own or that yoga needs some support to spice it up. There is a deep connection between tantra and yoga but this author has no idea what it is.

The article then refers to concepts like health, wellbeing and energy levels. When tantra and yoga are pulled into this industry then tantra and yoga should be called therapies. A therapy is something that guarantees to fix a specific problem a client has as the therapy should match the complaint. Tantra is not a therapy, neither is yoga. Once again, Westerners are fooled by poorly informed and unqualified people who claim to be teachers of tantra and they do not even know the difference between a therapy and a technique.

The listing of benefits, from body stiffness to back pain, does not need the words tantra or yoga. Any physical activity can claim to have these benefits. Dancing does the same, cycling or even just plain and simple walking will deliver the same benefits. These ill-informed teachers offer their anaemic concoctions to Westerners under the title of tantra.

There are six major types of connective tissue, including loose connective tissue, dense connective tissue, bone, cartilage, blood and lymph. Why on earth will tantra focus on these tissues?

The concoction that is offered by this tantra teacher is just amazing. I have no idea why tantra needs the support of dance, martial arts, acupressure, palming and whatever more. Tantra is a sovereign technique that does include breath and touch work, although breath is a method used in meditation and touch is a method used in yoga.

Stress and anxiety are the nett results of being human. We need stress, we need anxiety to question life and to postulate answers. Yes, too much stress and too much anxiety can lead to disease and can hamper vitality. I do not think that tantra is really interested in addressing these issues as it has a much more important role to play in the lives of human beings.



Tantra yoga requires a lot of body work through asanas, which offer relaxing and stretching benefits. One needs to practice Hatha Yoga, restorative yoga, pranic healing, breath work and meditation. It is not only about stretching and toning the muscles with this type of yoga teaching but it is also for improving circulation, relieving any muscle tension or spasms, increasing metabolism, boosting the immune system and bringing balance which creates a calm mental state.


Once again, we see how concoctions try to take the place of tantra. Teachers recycle philosophies and practices of other disciplines just to make up for their lack of knowledge and understanding of tantra. It’s not all lost as this article does refer to breath, mental state and meditation. Tantra builds on yoga which builds on meditation. Unfortunately, teachers have zero idea about the technique of tantra and therefore keep calling on the techniques of meditation and yoga to prop up their own lack of technique.



Tantra yoga for women helps to promote overall health and help channel energy through the body. Tantra yoga is a refined practice that helps us calm the mind, which promotes energy flow. Women experience burnout and fatigue and need to ensure that they find a way take care of themselves.

Tantra yoga teachings use slow and steady movements between postures. Each posture is held for a certain period of time, while breathing calmly and relaxingly. Tantra yoga teaching offers women time to regain health and well-being. The practice is gentle and women of all ages can practice the yoga teachings and benefit from it.

Benefits of a strong tantra yoga practice are wonderful, although one may not see enlightenment immediately and could lead to disappointment. A continuous practice is invaluable and it offers a new perspective on viewing the world and people.


Yes, women need to take care of themselves and that is exactly what the purpose of yoga is. Yes, yoga stands on the shoulders of meditation and meditation employs the method of breathing. Suddenly we have this little addendum of “enlightenment” … a hint of spirituality but with a condition: one should indulge in continuous practice! None of these concepts are clarified. What is enlightenment and how does it tie up with meditation, yoga and tantra?

The sentence: a new perspective on how we view people and the world, this statement is absolutely spot on in as far as the need is highlighted and nothing what so ever is mentioned about the technique of tantra. Tantra is no magic wand to hand us what we so deeply crave. Tantra hands awareness opportunities and nothing more.


Benefits of Tantra Yoga

The normal yoga practitioner can easily be enticed to practice tantra yoga as meditation, yoga and tantra are all one.

In yoga, the mind, body and spirit expand.

Tension gets released and energy gets renewed.

The reason  why more than 20 million people practice yoga is because it is an experience in spiritual awakening and enhanced physical well-being.

The difference between tantra yoga and the more traditional forms  of yoga is that tantra yoga is for lovers.

Those who desire a stronger love of themselves, their partners and the world around them should practice Tantric Yoga.

It’s a technique that uses your internal energy to bring out your true and best self.

It brings out the power within as it strengthens the connection between yourself and others.

Tantric yoga opens doors for new levels of sexuality, as you become more attuned to your body and it evolves your mental, physical, and emotional self.


Whenever a teacher talks about yoga, they inevitable pull in the dimensions of breath, mind, touch, body, self and others. All these aspects are expressions of the need people have to make sense of their lives. This is the beauty of working with meditation, yoga and tantra as the human need for awareness will cotton onto any aspect of life that allows it to be heard. Teachers in the West might not have any clear ideas about the technique of tantra but it is commendable to see and hear how they effortlessly make themselves available to become representatives of the human quest to self-express.

Western tantra teachers offer themselves as a personal sacrifice to find meaning in their own lives and therefore be able to share the light with others. It is absolutely amazing how Western tantra teachers struggle with blunt instruments while the perfect tool of tantra technique is being ignored. Western tantra teachers suffer from burnout as they try to re-invent that is already invented. Many quit teaching tantra but the most push through at the detriment of tantra, as all kinds of add-ons are incorporated to prop-up the lack of clear tantra techniques.

And once again, suddenly out of the blue, tantra and sexuality is mentioned in the same breath. Suddenly tantric yoga becomes yoga for lovers. The author was on such a good road to describe intimacy by using words: connection between you and others. It all got spoiled when sexuality and intimacy got thrown into the same pot. Meditation deals with sexuality and tantra deals with intimacy and not the other way around.


 Benefits of Tantric Yoga


 Better sex life

Many people enjoy sex but suppress and ignore the innermost desires on a subconscious level.

Tantra yoga allows a deeper connection to the body and enhances sexuality through renewed energy levels and heightened sensations.

Tantra yoga improves circulation and engorgement that leads to greater sensations in the body.

The greater sense of awareness and stamina allows one to experience new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

Tantra offers a stronger release of built up energy and results in more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

Full body orgasms, handless orgasms and multiple orgasms are all becoming available to women and men.

Tantric sex is usually slower and more connected love making than traditional sex and tantric sex deepens the levels of intimacy.


Bonding with a partner

Tantra yoga can be practised alone, with a partner or within a group. When practicing with a partner it expands the relationship and keeps the passion alive between the partners.

 Mental Clarity

Tantra yoga is meditation in movement as the act  of meditation itself takes full focus, causing the connection within.

Change in physical state improves the mental and spiritual state.

On the release of negative energy, one finds the deepest self.

The practitioners of tantra yoga find themselves thinking with a clearer head as their minds become unblocked and  therefore they can manifest their dreams.

 Awakening of the spirit

Tantra yoga focuses on the balancing the chakras that brings about internal peace and empowerment to trust in our own intuitions.

The Cobra Breath technique opens up the receptivity to higher consciousness and the divine oneness, for a direct orgasmic experience with god.

To unlock and understand the purpose of life will happen through the transition from intellectualizing that we are all connected, to truly feeling the energy of the oneness with other human beings.

The sharing of the same spiritual awareness between people allows for the deepening of a commitment to each other.

 Less stress

Tantric rhythmic breathing exercises provide relaxation of the body and mind as it is a natural form of stress relief.

Taking deep breaths a few times a day, trains the lungs into breathing deeper.

Yoga poses stimulate the pituitary gland that releases the happy hormones to curb depression and anxiety.

 All-round wellbeing

One of the main benefits of the tantra style of yoga is that it can reduce aches and pains in the back and neck. 

The immune system strengthens due to tantra yoga as toxins are released from the body.

Human growth hormones are released during tantra yoga poses and that helps promote healing in the body.

Memory loss can even get reversed with tantra yoga.

 More flexibility

Sitting all day can cause tension in the shoulders and spine.

Tantra yoga poses release and lengthens the spine and results in a better posture and increased flexibility.

The slow poses of tantra yoga strengthen and tone the muscles over time which increase energy and endurance.

 Easy unplug

Tantra yoga offers an opportunity to free yourself from phones, emails and the demands of everyday life, to only become a dance between your breathing and your body.

There is always the risk to become burnt out as we leave little time for ourselves and by practicing tantra yoga one takes time for oneself.

Tantra is about focusing on how each part of the body functions and on being in the moment.


All the aspects in this above-mentioned list is only a summary of wants and needs. It is verbal expression of the yearning to be fulfilled and to be fulfilled on a permanent basis. The drama of not having, that drama becomes the main actor in this process. Emotions fly high and it feeds the mind to conjure amazing phantasies about life.

The list above is such a toxic potion of confusion about the meaning of life, not even to mention the meaning of being alive. Life follows some simple rules and we are free to fight them or to flow with them. There is no chance that tantra can change anything for you, to make you feel better, to drive you to better sex or whatever.

Meditation, yoga and tantra are awareness techniques. It never wants to fulfil any of your needs, it never wants to change what is currently happening in your life and it never wants to change you.

Awareness techniques only hand opportunities to observe what is, to feel what is and to share what is. Meditation, yoga and tantra has no interest in your dreams and yearnings, it has no feel for your emotions and it has no power to hand you anything but opportunities.

Awareness rises when one becomes part of the flow of life. Awareness happens when one is in awe of the natural human instinct that flows through us. Meditation, yoga and tantra hand you opportunities to be confronted by your procreation instinct, by your taking care instinct and by your group formation instinct. These techniques have as aim for you to be aware of who you are, where you are and with whom you are.


 Benefits of Tantric Yoga

 With practicing tantra yoga one becomes more connected on a spiritual level so that the fear of intimacy disappears. When the bond between partners grows, so does open communication about sexuality which may lead to better and more adventurous sex.  

Tantra yoga poses stimulate happy hormone production of oxytocin and serotonin which can lead one to new sexual heights, which in turn can unlock the best version of oneself.

The creative life force energy one cultivates can serve as a fuel to speed up the process of manifesting spiritual ecstasy.


The practice of meditation, yoga and tantra can not make you more connected. It only shows you how connected you already are. These techniques are not therapy techniques, they can’t and won’t hand you anything but opportunities.

To be the best version of oneself is such a lame concept as there is no other version of myself than my instinctual self. With awareness techniques one can flow with what is and that might translate into the best version of yourself.

Spirituality happens when a person observes his or her own procreation instinct, when that person embraces it without any reserve, then that person becomes spiritual.


Are you aware that natural human instinct is stimulated by two different genes when it comes to the regulation of partnering arrangements in humans? Yes, humans have a gene for one-on-one pair bonding and the same human has another gene for multiple people in the partnering configuration.

-Martin du Toit