Benefits of Keto diet versus meditation, yoga and tantra awareness techniques

The keto diet is causing a hype in the world. Some say it only offers physiological benefits and others make a case for spiritual benefits.

Meditation, Yoga and Tantra techniques also make inroads in the West and are often associated with spiritual benefits. It slowly dawns on more and more practitioners that there are biological benefits as well.

Let’s walk through these aspects and see if we can reach some insights.

The Keto diet delivers some spectacular results, not only on physical level but also on a spiritual level. The same can be said of Meditation, Yoga and Tantra awareness techniques. This prompts us to question the overlapping aspects of a diet and awareness techniques. Both the keto diet and awareness techniques induce an altered state of being and this article will have a look at some of the most common experiences.

What is the Ketogenic diet?

The keto diet is a low carbohydrate, medium protein and high fat diet that puts your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state whereby your body burns fat, instead of carbohydrates, as its main source of your body energy.

What is meditation, yoga and tantra?

Meditation, yoga and tantra are awareness techniques that hand people the opportunity to switch operating systems, to go from a mind-based reality to an instinct-based reality, to go from conscious living to awareness living.

Wellbeing benefits of the ketogenic diet. 

People on the keto diet say that their moods felt smoother, their energy levels remained high and that they are mentally clearer. They say that hunger comes in the form of a gradual awareness and they had more energy to deal with mundane tasks in their lives.

Peter, a ketogenic dieter, who was already on the keto diet for 6 months, felt more relaxed and less annoyed. He started feeling present, to the point where it was hard to think about things in the past or future. He became much more conscious about his eating and even his craving to drink alcohol dropped off markedly.

Many people enjoy the experience of going on a ketogenic diet as they felt as if they were going back to the origins of mankind by being nourished by protein and fats. This led to an improvement in their moods and a feeling of being lighter.

Most of these benefits were experienced during the first few weeks of going on the diet.

Wellbeing benefits of meditation, yoga and tantra awareness techniques.

People practicing awareness techniques regularly comment on their moods. It is commonly shared that they feel all the moods but it is as if they are more than the mood, that they are observing the moods instead of identifying with the moods.

The energy levels of awareness technique practitioners remain level as they are not subject to oscillation swings of their moods. To practice meditation, yoga and tantra as a combined practice does take some effort and total commitment. This might also contribute to the stability of energy levels.

Practitioners of meditation, yoga and tantra are often subject to intermittent fasting that is associated with the regime. Meals are usually light and vegetarian by nature. The gradual awareness of the onset of hunger is often commented on.

For the meditation, yoga and tantra practitioner, to feel mentally clearer, doesn’t necessarily come from the kind of fuel that is used by the brain but more from a state of being more than the mind. The feeling of being present, as in the absence of the past or future is reached mainly because of observing the mind and living through the whole body.

The joy that mediation, yoga and tantra practitioners experience isn’t related to the rediscovering of the origins of mankind but stems from the opportunity to be able to look deep into one’s own fabric and to express all that is pent-up in the human soul.

The benefits of practicing meditation, yoga and tantra do take time to manifest and grow slowly as the practices deepens over time.

Medical benefits of the ketogenic diet.

Recent studies / academic reports of the Duke University noticed a full decline of the symptoms of a 53 years old schizophrenia patient, as well as in a 70-year-old patient, after 21 days in ketosis. At the University of Virginia, Mary Newport, MD, noticed the reversal of severe conditions in Alzheimer’s patients.

Medical benefits of meditation, yoga and tantra awareness techniques.

Most practitioners of meditation make use of breathing techniques. Thomas DeLauer mentions a 2010 study from the Nepal Medical College Journal that found that a slower breathing style allows the parasympathetic system to override your sympathetic system.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, a renowned physician, holistic health author and founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, the relaxation breathing exercise known as the 4-7-8 technique may influence many ailments to clear up over time.

A 2006 study from the journal Medical Hypotheses found that pranayamic breathing techniques that rely on an exhale that is double the length of the previous inhale to inspire calming and curative benefits.

Spiritual benefits of the ketogenic diet.

Some people on the ketogenic diet experienced an altered state of being as observed in left amygdalar activity, in other words, they experience the concept of bliss. A ketogenic dieter remarked that after his Vipassana meditation, he had the powers of insight and introspection while on the ketogenic diet.

In Islam, during the Ramadan fasting, which corresponds with Intermittent Fasting patterns as it is a cyclic ketogenic state that can arise due to a combination of caloric restriction, time-restricted eating, significantly reducing carbohydrates and getting most of the nutrition from healthy fat. Ramadan is not a diet or a health practice as such, it is primarily an opportunity to devote oneself to one’s higher calling.

For Christians the making use of an alternative source of fuelling the body is a fitting model of the New Testament life in the Spirit, according to the apostle Paul, the followers must become spirit-adapted (Rom. 8:4-6, 12-14; Gal. 5:16-25) which means eliminating their intake of the things of the flesh while they increase their intake of practices like prayer and the study of the Word.

Spiritual benefits of meditation, yoga and tantra awareness techniques.

Thomas DeLauer says that cortisol functions as a stress hormone and that excess cortisol causes:

·       Chronic stress

·       Mood swings

·       Anxiety

·       Depression

·       Libido change

·       Menstrual changes.

Controlling stress can help with both high and low cortisol levels, so adding meditation and yoga to your daily routine can help.

Thomas DeLauer mentioned in his article: Scientific Benefits of Meditating, that meditation is a powerful thing as per a study that was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal. It found in their analysis that those that meditate ended up having lower levels of anxiety, lower levels of depression and lower levels of pain, noticeably. It can be concluded from this that the people who meditate are better at managing important aspects within their life.

Many people practicing meditation, yoga and tantra experience an altered state of being as observed in left amygdalar activity and commonly interpreted as bliss. The experience of bliss is often set as the goal of a meditation, yoga or tantra session. This is a modern and Western addition to spirituality which leads to bliss burnout, or also called bliss-out.

In Islam, al-muraqabah is a conscious state of comprehensive awareness of Allah and of an inner state in relation to Allah. It is seen as the highest spiritual state attainable, as the perfect realisation of superiority in faith. Islam’s traditional concepts of meditation produce practical contemporary techniques that cultivate Islamic mindfulness, enhance worship and enrich the quality of life.

For Buddhists meditation is particularly important as they want to avoid what they call “duality” and so their way of meditating must involve the body and the mind as a single entity. The purpose of meditation is to stop the mind rushing about in an aimless / purposeful stream of thoughts. The closest words for meditation in the classical languages of Buddhism are bhāvanā and jhāna/dhyāna.

Meditation is the encapsulation of the mystery of the human existence and the clarity of the reflection has all to do with what you meditate on. To meditate correctly and to have a consistent practice of inner observation, demands that you focus on your procreation instinct.

Psychic benefits of the ketogenic diet.

Followers of the ketogenic diet noticed that after a few days their psychic awareness increases considerably as well as their kundalini awareness experiences. The experience of an awakening, with magical workings are observed by many cultures that abstain from grains and sugary foods in preparation for psychedelic experiences.

The foods that are excluded from a ketogenic diet just so happen to be all the foods that humans have invented/engineered, so it would make sense that they are concocted to satisfy instant sensual satisfaction rather than natural balance.

Many people believe that the grains, breads and other engineered foods are like a drug that keeps them hooked on the concept of staying loyal to the current civilization. Many spiritually adept people proclaim that they don’t need nearly as much food as they used to think while in ketosis.

It seems that being in a ketosis state means the body would require less oxygen to create energy, which helps with Jhana or other states when the breath slows to a minimum. People with kundalini development or advanced meditators have on occasion reported they didn’t need as much air as before the diet.

Psychic benefits of meditation, yoga and tantra awareness techniques.

Practitioners of meditation, yoga and tantra notice their psychic awareness increases considerably. These are all spiritual terms that are taken into the context of keto diets to explain some of the experiences the dieters go through.

The concept of kundalini awareness is a Hindu concept that is many thousands of years old, obviously long before the modern keto diet. I also have to say that the biological state of ketosis is without any doubt, part of the human experience for many millions of years.

The concept of awakening is one of the founding principles of all awareness techniques and deals with the making sense of our existence as creatures with life gushing through us. Many people will make use of psychedelic substances in an attempt to gain a handle on their experience of the self.

The practice of meditation hands people an opportunity to observe all that they have in themselves, in an attempt to bring about clarity of their procreation identity. Procreation is part of the life that happens in human beings but it is also anchored in our mental patterns. Humans have the ability to operate on a mental understanding as well as an awareness observation level.

The practice of yoga hands people opportunities to experience all they observe about life, to bring that home into a physical body. When the procreation call of life has been answered, then the taking care of the offspring is the obvious next step. To take care of all who carry copies of our genes can be an all-consuming task and yoga hands us opportunities to stand back and also take what we need for personal wellbeing.

The practice of tantra hands people opportunities to share all they have observed in themselves, all they have sensed in their bodies and all that is possible to manifest between two or more people. The sharing of the essence of life with everyone next to us becomes a simple flow with what is and not only of what should be.

-Martin du Toit