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MEYOTRA Philosophy

Tantra Course Online is one of the most selling course MEYOTRA is running. We hand people opportunities to be reminded all they have forgotten about themselves.

Meyotra coaches practice the three basic techniques with you, sharing their own life changing stories and is always ready to hold your hand when you need it most.

Not seeing the full picture of who you are results in a limited expression of yourself in this life.

You constantly have to deal with this nagging feeling that there is more in you than what is being shown and lives daily.

Not living your full potential results in sleeping and eating disorders, substance abuse, depression and lost of lust and zest for life.

When all of you is lived then these symptoms simply disappear as they were clear signals trying to tell you that you are not living according your true potential.

The indescribable joy of being fills your life when you just flow what all that is bursting out of you.



MEDITATION is a technique that hands you opportunities to observe what you do, feel and think about yourself and others.


Our meditation technique of choice is breath work.

Once you are skilled in using this technique to observe your life clearly then we move on to the next one.

 YOGA is a technique that hands you opportunities to live from your core being and not only for something outside you.


Our yoga technique of choice is touch work.

Once you are skilled in using this technique to live from your core then we move on to the next one.

 TANTRA is a technique that hands you opportunities to be celebrating oneness and intimacy with everyone you are with as well as to know who are part of your in or out groups.


Our tantra technique of choice is intimacy work.

Once you are skilled in using this technique to celebrate intimacy with everyone you are with then you are ready to embrace your greatness … all of you that is greater than the understanding of your limited mind.




About Team:

Martin Tantra

meyotra martin du toit

Martin is the founder and director of the International School of Tantra. 

The Tantra direction that is followed, is in line with the Indian, Arabic, Buddhistic, African and Chinese Tantric teachings for spontanious spiritual enlightenment. 

Martin is adamant that one can live life fully from within and be free from adopted outside belief systems.

Martin completed several degrees in Anthropology at university level, specialising in religions and their rituals. He studied Tantra and Taoism in India, China and Thailand. 

Martin has a strong background in International Management Training and is an excellent listener and ardent traveller.

You can contact Martin through this website.

Maria Tantra

meyotra edith maria du toit

Maria is the founder of Alegraluz Tantra International which is aimed at Professional Tantric Massages. . 
Maria is a Natural Health Practitioner, Tantra Teacher and Conscious Breath Coach.Her preferred interaction with clients is one-on-one sessions which last from one day to one week.
She has excellent skills to coach them through the profound processes of self discovery and self expression. 
The main techniques used are breathwork, touch work and intimacy work.
Over the last 20 years she worked worldwide as a Tantra Practitioner, assisting people to unlearn and let go of what is no longer needed and to embrace what they find working in and through them.
As she now moves through menopause herself, her deep wish is to also assist women who experience problems during this change in life. 
The authenticity of her work allows clients to trust themselves, the process, the techniques as well as the coach.  

You can contact Maria through this website.

Tantra Alaya

alaya meyotra

Alaya is Tantra Practitioner, Self Employed Tantric Masseuse.

Alaya is an example of a person who overcame the struggle between body and mind. 

Alaya now uses her mind to record what she experienced so that she can feel how healthy, free and lucky she is. 
Having accepted her natural ability for healing practices and embracing her purpose of helping others improve their lives forever, it was quite easy to leave behind the comfort of a typical employment lifestyle. The focus switched from ignoring my inner voice to allowing it to shout out her happiness.


She holds university degrees in Industrial Design as well as Sexology specializing in Sexual Health. Further qualifications were obtained as a Master in Holistic Psychology, Expert in Coaching and Naturopathy. She is  also a Tantra and Sexuality Teacher in India, Mexico and Europe offering yoga, meditation and tantra retreats. This knowledge and experience was obtained from spending time with local masters in Asia.

Healing requires a huge financial investment from both client and practitioner as both of them have to set time and distance aside to be able to meet each other. She admires people who take the courage to finally say they are worth a fulfilled life and do something about it. For her, every human being is worthy of having the opportunity to change his or her life. The body will heal when love and miracles exist because the greatest miracle is trusting oneself.  

Tantra Kolle

kolle tantra meyotra

Many years ago he met Martin and Edith who opened my heart, mind and spirit for Tantra.
He immediately felt, that this is for him, that this was his home, where he belongs. So he continued practicing and studying, among others the common aspects and the differences between Tantra and Taoism.
Through MEYOTRA we can reach more people, curious to discover within themselves, what they had forgotten because of socialization and social pressure of various kinds from school, religious institutions or social environment.
Our aim in MEYOTRA is not to pour in more information in the heads of the participants, but to help them discover, what they already know deep inside.


Tantra Liam

meyotra liam
Liam is a qualified and experienced meditation, yoga and tantra coach. 
He focuses on how we deal with our minds, our bodies and our interactions with everyone we come in contact with. 
Liam doesn’t believe in mind-based pictures about a colorful spiritual life. 
He believes that we as humans should flow with our mind / body interaction and have profound experiences of being much more then the parts that seem to constitute our being.
Liam teaches meditation and yoga sessions as well as courses to hand people skills to live fulfilled lives.

Tantra Emm

Emm is a veterinary surgeon from Europe who lives in Mexico. She is also certified in traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture) and craniosacral therapy.  She has completed all the tantra training courses of Meyotra International School of Tantra and is associated with Meyotra for more than ten years. Emm has a strong interest in intimacy work as human beings are more than just a physical body. The interaction between human beings is based on an existing intimacy as there is no shortage of intimacy. When people focus on the differences between them instead of the existing intimacy, then there is judgement, criticism and suffering.Emm is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch