What is Tantra?

The meaning of tantra:

Tantra fulfils a need, it has a very specific function. It was created because human beings had very specific questions about themselves and the life that they are part of. Your tantra journey begins the moment you learn to remove yourself from the people you don’t want to be with. Also, you need to be passionate one with the people you are with.

No person was ever given the opportunity to sign up to their own instinctual nature. No person was ever consulted whether he/she wanted to have the siblings they have. Neither was any person ever asked to contemplate whether she/he wants to be part of a specific racial group, ethnic group, to be born into a specific religious group or even being a citizen of a specific country. People just inherit a group association and then live with that projection till they die.

This dilemma constitutes the origin of tantra. People became aware that they do things instinctually without ever having contemplated that very action or behaviour. People realised that a huge part of their daily actions just pours out of them. They just do things that both surprise and shock them.

To take a closer look at tantra we have to make some artificial distinctions between consciousness and awareness. Consciousness, for our discussion, is the active thinking part of our interaction with ourselves and with others. I will think about whether I will accept the invitation to attend some or other function. Awareness, for our discussion, is the realisation that I do things, basically while I am doing it or as soon as they have been done.  

Tantra is the last of three awareness techniques. Tantra is preceded by both meditation and yoga awareness techniques. These three techniques work in unison. They always start with meditation as it is the technique that hands us an opportunity to gain observer status of the things we do, fully knowing its origin wasn’t in our thinking or rational decision making. Yoga techniques hand us opportunities to care for ourselves, at least the same as we care for others. Tantra techniques hand us opportunities to see and feel and belong to the people we are with.

Only when one has a yearning to gain a sharper awareness of one’s beautiful human association instinctual behaviour, only then will tantra become a powerful technique that activates one’s awareness with an amazing array of possibilities of how to be with the people we are with.

Tantra awareness techniques hand one an opportunity to awaken the association part of our being and then leave it to us to passionately energise the associations we are part of. Tantra awareness techniques hand us the opportunity to be with our life partner after many years, as if it is the first day we have met.

Conclusion of MEYOTRA

People can often requires change in their lives. To bring about this desired change they sometimes make use of external help. This external help may come in the form of an agent of change who can wear a spiritual, a financial, a medical or even a coaching hat.
There are two styles in coaching, one is verbal and other is non-verbal, or also called technique-based coaching.
The MEYOTRA organization gives preference to the second of these two methods offering technique-based coaching and making use of meditation, yoga and tantra techniques.
Meditation usually refers to the mind. Yoga, to the body – and tantra pertains to the way we relate to the people we are with.

MEYOTRA coaches make use of these three ancient awareness techniques in a unique blend which offers opportunities to our clients to bring about fast and lasting changes in their own lives.

It should to be noted that rapid change is not easy, especially as we often feel the need to trust our slow processing minds more than we trust our own being.

When you feel you are clear about indulging in fast and effective change in your life, then it will be time to get in contact with one of our MEYOTRA coaches.

We hand the opportunity and you make the change, it surely is what all coaching should be about!

For Tantra workshops and courses please visit www.internationalschooloftantra.com